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Once in a while my woman’s association has what they call “social and shopping.” This is sometimes an actual business meeting, but most of the time it is more socializing and shopping. This was true on a recent Tuesday. A few of us visited a batik shop. I’d been there before but it was fun so I went back.

Just like last time we were able to create our own stamped batik fabric approx 2X3 ft.  I don’t know if I explained the process before so here goes: Wax is applied using either a stamp or by hand (drawn) or a combination of both. The stamps are called caps ( pronounced chops). Chops can take 3 months to make if detailed. They are put together using strips of copper and copper wire. Here’s an example of a somewhat complicated cap.

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The stamp is dipped in wax and pressed onto the fabric. Here’s the stamping station.

Once it hardens, it’s put into a chemical dye bath. It might change color at that point, but it might not. The fabric is dried in the sun to activate the dye.

After that it goes into an acid bath. This is when the true color develops. More drying in the sun (more thorough this time to fix the color) and then a final dip in boiling water to remove the wax. The one in the guys hands is mine. During my last visit I stamped a fish. The fish print became a rice pillow. Not sure about this one yet. At first, I thought rice pillow. But now I’m thinking about a new batik bathrobe with these panels sewn in as pockets or something.  Still thinking. When this batik shop manufactures batik is is done on large lengths of fabric in warehouses outside the city. This set up is just for “tourists.”

I also wanted to share the storefront of one of my crafty group’s batik shops. Some of us headed to Pasar Mayestik recently. Believe it or not, I came home with nothing. I didn’t really NEED anything so… My friends did their best to support the country’s economy.